The Dragflick is all set to launch a new social initiative campaign called the ‘Field of Dreams’ to provide children in ‘India’ and ‘Pakistan’ with an opportunity to acquire hockey sticks and hit the field.
Also, as we know most Companies are happy to sign on sportsmen and sportswomen as their brand ambassadors, but when it comes to spending on training and building infrastructure for Olympic and rural sports, and making basic equipment necessary, few are willing to come on board.
The program, run by us, will facilitate distribution of new hockey equipment to ‘children’.
The Dragflick’s goal is to see that everyone has an opportunity to have access to hockey equipment not only in India but also Pakistan.
The campaign also aims for mutual peace and development of diplomatic and cultural relations between the two nations in South Asia.
The ‘Field of Dreams’ will begin their distribution campaign from November 2019.
The team will travel to different states in India and Pakistan to deliver the hockey sticks.
For locations, we are unable to reach, DF has partnered with various manufacturers to help deliver the equipment to the organisations.
The purpose of the program is to not only promote the sport but also eliminate the financial barriers for children to participate in the sport of hockey in India and Pakistan who might not otherwise have those opportunities.
Making hockey more accessible to all, DF’s ‘Field of Dreams’ aims to give kids in India and Pakistan in need a chance to acquire equipment and hit the field.
The campaign is also in line with International Federation of Hockey (FIH’s)  ‘#Hockey4Life’ ‘#SticksfortheWorld’ social Initiative.
In case you would like to contribute to this initiative or be a part of it, please send us a message through our facebook page or contact hameed via email :


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