🇩🇪 Germany Hockey : DHB referee coaching at the Hockeyligacup 2021
Photo Credit : DHB Hockey

On the last two weekends in August, the league cup of the new hockey league took place for the first time. Like many of the teams, the Referee and Rules Committee (SRA) of the German Hockey Federation also used the two weekends for coaching and to inspect its referees. For a long time now, the measures were once again the opportunity for practical training and further education for referees in field hockey.

During the preliminary round, 38 referees were coached by 9 observers at four venues (Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg and Mannheim). Not only established Bundesliga referees were used, but also DHB youth referees and “lateral entrants” from the regional associations were able to show themselves and qualify for the Bundesliga. In addition to observing the games, the referees received a feedback discussion after each game in which strengths and weaknesses as well as potential for improvement were identified.

At the final weekend in Krefeld, under the direction of Gaby Schmitz, mainly referees from the DHB performance squad were deployed. 15 referees and 6 trainers from the SRA met here from Friday afternoon to Sunday noon. In addition to the games accompanied by the instructors, the topic of fitness was also a focus. Led by the fitness coach Yannick Brown, the referees conducted a one and a half hour fitness program in two groups on Saturday morning. The focus here was on the ability to react, sprint and agility.

The referees on site were enthusiastic about the measure and the broadening of horizons in the fitness area and were grateful to get to know alternatives to pure ‘running’. Basically, the organizers of the league cup, as well as those responsible for the referees, were very satisfied with the measure and the performance of the game leaders on site. For many, the games were quite a challenge and therefore an important component in further development.

“Certainly there were still some organizational teething problems in the tournament, but basically the Hockey League Cup is an excellent opportunity to inspect and train referees. We would be very happy to include the cup in our annual planning,” said Gaby Schmitz about the tournament. The preliminary round with four parallel venues in particular was a very ambitious project for the SRA and the on-site coaches. For this reason, the SRA would like to thank all coaches for the external help.

As far as possible, the referee committee will continue to try to have seen and coached every referee at least once every two years. Of course, this only works if the clubs continue to offer coaching opportunities through tournaments in the hall and on the field.


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