Marijke Fleuren
Marijke Fleuren

EHF President Marijke Fleuren has once again been nominated as a member in the International Olympic ‘Women in Sport’ Commission.

Marijke was first nominated to this panel in 2015 and has now been asked again to continue her work.

Before starting her work for the EHF, Fleuren was an active member of the Leidse and Oegstgeester Mixed Hockey Club.

She was also member of the board, and vice-president of the Dutch National Field Hockey organisation (‘KNHB’).

While at the KNHB she spearheaded the campaign ‘Samen voor Sportiviteit en Respect’, for which the organization won the European Fair Play Plaque of Merit and Diploma in 2009.

She was made an honorary member of the KNHB in 2002.She has been the president of the EHF since August 2011, and started a second term as president in 2015.

Her reappointment to the Women in Sport IOC Commission is a testament to her ongoing commitment to inclusivity and gender equality in hockey.


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