The German men lost the bronze medal at the European Championships in Antwerp at the end with 0- 4 against the Netherlands.

The HONAMAS were superior in all respects, but did not manage to capitalize on eight corners and 17 shots on goal.

The Dutch, however, much more effective, with the last two goals fell only in the last 100 seconds.

National coach Stefan Kermas said his team were superior on paper and said,

“The fact is that we – as in the group play – were superior in all statistics, but with 0: 4 lose! A 0: 4 has seldom felt so different. You can not beat Holland for much more, but we are clearly inferior in terms of circle efficiency. That’s part of our homework now. It was also very noticeable here how each single duel in a circle can decide a game. It’s only about three, four, ‘cruxial points’ in the match, but they are currently doomed to us. Emotionally, mentally you have to be 100 percent on the court or you will be punished,” Kermas said.

“Anyone who has looked more closely at this tournament, has also seen that we have played well with the top teams in the world, but in the result makes that unfortunately not noticeable. Until the Olympic Qualifier in the beginning of November, we have to do some tough error analysis, but the boys are in good shape. And then we have to tackle the task of which we will probably only know the end of September, as it is called, with a mixture of will and maximum calm,” said Kermas.

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