Germany Women's Hockey Team
Photo | DHA / Ariane Schirle

The German ladies had to settle for a silver medal on Sunday in Antwerp, after the Netherlands women beat them 2-0 in the final match of the Euro Hockey Championship 2019.

Speaking post match, National coach Xavier Reckinger said:

“Holland was better on the ball today than we were. We defended really well, they stopped well. What we lacked today was that we are developing even more opportunities. We have to take this with us, even if we have come a step closer to Holland. But although I am very disappointed that we have not been able to make the big move today, I am also incredibly proud of the team. ” 

Captain Janne Müller-Wieland said the EC campaign was pretty good for the team.

“It was basically a positive EC for us. We fought very well there. Also today we have defended Holland out of the circle. Ciupi had hardly anything to do in the second half. That’s something you have to do first against Holland – I have experienced quite different games. But we have to develop even more opportunities and circle scenes, maybe even take the video evidence in Pia’s circle scene at the end. Sure, we would have liked to be rewarded today with the title and also got the direct Olympic qualification, but I think it more like this: Give us the next year time to Tokyo – then there is more in it. ” 

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