The excitement of being cheered in the midst of an international competition will be one of the greatest gifts that will be experienced by many Peruvian hockey players who will participate at the Pan American Games, for the first time at home.
Players excited to play among national fans
“It will be a spectacular event. It will be the first time we will have people watching us at home. It’s incredible,” said an excited Peruvian hockey player Vincenzo De Martis.
“I believe that the hockey turf built here will allow us to take a big step forward, so that within a few years we can level with other countries in the region and, later, be able to fight a podium.” added Martis.
Marianella Álvarez, also a hockey player, said that it is  “a super exciting moment” for Peru Hockey.
“It’s the first time we have an official court in Lima.” Alvarez said.
Dream come true for Peruvian Hockey Federation
Gianni Delucchi, president of the Peruvian Hockey Federation, said it was a dream come true for the Peruvian Hockey Federation to get a new turf.
Delucchi said that in Peru until very recently there was only one hockey turf located in Chiclayo, built a few years ago for another international tournament.
“We have been asking since fifteen years to make a court in Lima. Thankfully, for these Pan-American Games, two have been made in the capital,” said Delucchi.
He stated that both the senior team of men and women have achieved a bronze medal -previously despite having trained in unsuitable spaces such as soccer fields.
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