Canadian Junior Women
Photo Credits : FH Canada

The Canadian U21 Women’s National Team is participating in Cantor Fitzgerald U21 International 4-Nations Tournament in Dublin, Ireland from May 31-June 4. The will be competing against India, Ireland and Scotland.

Canadian U21 Women’s National Team

  1. Caitlyn Ansen
  2. Lonica McKinney
  3. Stefanie Saijko
  4. Dani Husar
  5. Frankie St. Louis
  6. Grace Delmotte
  7. Robin Fleming
  8. Katie Lynes
  9. Rebecca Carvalho
  10. Aerin Park
  11. Anna Constanzo
  12. Nora Goddard-Despot
  13. Julia Ross
  14. Audrey Sawers
  15. Thora Rae
  16. Jordyn Faiczak
  17. Erin Dawson
  18. Sara Goodman


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