The FIH Academy in collaboration with Hockey India will be conducting a series of courses for Technical Officials, Umpires and aspiring Coaches on the sidelines of the FIH Men’s Series Finals Bhubaneswar Odisha 2019 event.
FIH Academy Technical Official Educator —Iain Dugald Mckay, FIH Academy Umpiring Educator —Robert Willem ten Cate, Hockey Foundation and FIH Development Director — Mike Joyce and FIH Academy Educator — Darren Cheesman will conduct the courses.
The courses are designed to present the methods to play, coach, officiate, manage the sport of hockey.
Speaking about the courses, FIH Development Director — Mike Joyce said that coaching and development are critical to grow the sport of hockey and that the aim of the FIH Academy is to provide a simplified education structure and resource for all nations.
“It is essential for global hockey development that the FIH works closely with top hockey nation members across all areas of the game,” Mike said.
“Education is one of the four pillars of Hockey4LIFE – our global development programme, and we are delighted to be working with Hockey India to develop Coaching and Umpiring pathways that will certainly form templates that will benefit even other hockey nations in future.” added Mike.
Mike said that the FIH Academy are committed to work with all nations for the development of hockey and professional development opportunities like these for coaches and officials are the cornerstone of this process.
These courses also provide an excellent opportunity for coaches and officials to network with each other while exposing them to the best strategies and protocols to manage teams and high-level tournaments.
Details of all the courses to be held can be found here.


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