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FIH Hockey Series Finals 2019 : China’s destiny in Coach Kim Sang-Ryul’s hands

It is said that Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting, and for World Ranked 14 China, that has never been more true.

Kim Sang-Ryul has always preached patience to his players, believing better days were to come, and their recent form seem to show his message is being heard.

Speaking at the FIH Hockey Series Finals’ Press Conference, Kim Sang Ryul, said that the team he has come with, is much much stronger, and more collected than the squad that played at the Hockey World Cup 2018 in India.

This warning by the South Korean legendary head coach, should be of no surprise. Since Kim took charge of the team, he comes to any tournament with much fanfare and a plan, that he stubbornly sticks to.

On the pitch, you have to see China’s aggressive, man-marking style of play that is designed to frustrate opponents defensively and create opportunities in the attack. At the World Cup 2018, they finished at the 10th place.

China are grouped in Pool A, with Malaysia, Brazil and Italy at the FIH Hockey Series Finals Tournament.

Out of the eight teams participating at the event, Malaysia, Canada and China are among the main prospective teams to advance to the final stage.

Since the start of the year, Kim changed up his starting lineup, looking for the right combination of players that would see his plan to more fruitful results.

At the World Cup in India, China only used the services of all players from the Inner Mongolia area in China throughout their campaign. This time, the squad has come with newer faces, who Kim said are more stronger and determined.

“We have made nine changes from the World Cup squad. For this FIH Series, I have brought nine players from Inner Mongolia while remaining nine players are from other parts of China,” said Sang-Ryul.

The success of China can be contagious. When the group is together, they only move forward.

Action begins on 26th April 2019, at the Bukit Jalil National Hockey Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, where China takes on Italy at 18:00 Hours (Malaysian time)

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