The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has insisted on refusing to use referee reference video system for the FIH Hockey Series Finals Kuala Lumpur 2019 tournament which will start from April 26 to May 4 at the Bukit Jalil National Hockey Stadium.

The Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) on Thursday filed an appeal to apply the referee reference video system for the Olympic Games qualification after receiving a letter from the international hockey body stating that there was no use of reference video system for all of the Final Series 2019 matches.

Through FIH’s reply, the use of the referee’s reference video system relates to broadcasting production and as not all host countries have official broadcasts capable of offering the system.

FIH will not use referral video systems at any of the FIH Hockey Series Finals 2019 tournaments on the grounds as being fair to all countries involved as well as insisting on referee use of non referee referee videos that must be in the FIH Hockey Series Final 2019.

For Competition Manager MHC, Mr. Brian Fernandez, MHC was unhappy with the results but had to agree with the instructions given that the tournament was under the auspices of FIH and stated that MHC would not submit a second appeal to FIH.

“The appeal has been made and we are not satisfied with the answers received from the FIH but there is nothing else we can do.”

“The FIH’s decision is final and the FIH Hockey Series Finals 2019 tournament is a tournament under the auspices of FIH and therefore we have to follow the instructions issued by them.”

We will not file a second appeal because it is quite possible that the decision to be changed and the response we received is from FIH Chief Executive Officer, Thierry Weil, this clearly shows that FIH’s top management has been aware of our appeal and decision making.

“What I’m hoping for the upcoming tournament, the decisive match for the team that will qualify for the 2020 Olympics at the end of this year will use the referee’s reference video system,” he explained.

The Men’s 2016 Final Series FIH Championships showcase eight teams and are divided into two groups where Group A features Austria, Belarus, Canada and Wales while Group B is occupied by Brazil, China, Italy and Malaysia where two teams that go to the final match will qualify for the 2020 Olympics Olympics


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