North South Korea field Hockey team
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The North-South Korea relations are left in a limbo, with North Korean administers not responding to offers of talks or implementing previous agreements, after the summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump collapsed in disagreement over sanctions relief and what North Korea would be willing to give up in return.

The International Olympic Committee has stipulated that, in team sports, any joint team Tokyo entries must have qualified as a single unit.

That means a joint women’s team needed to enter the FIH Women’s Hockey Series Finals in Ireland from June 8 to 16.

Thursday was the deadline for submitting squads and, with North Korea not responding, the South Korea decided to enter alone.

“It will just be the South Korean team, not a unified team,” an official at the Korea Hockey Federation said.

South Korea’s sports minister Park Yang-woo held out hope of a change of heart by North Korea.

“We have repeatedly sent our request but there has been no response. We will wait until the very last minute,” he told reporters earlier this week.

“If there is progress in talks for joint teams later, we will resume discussions but we have to prioritise the opinions of the athletes,” he said.


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