In the well-attended Sparkassen Hockeystadion in Mönchengladbach, with just under 4,000 spectators, Austria wanted to bring down the favorites on Day 1 of the Olympic Qualifier with a disciplined defensive performance.

On day 1, Germany’s early goal shocked Austrian players, and they completely lost access to the game. Two negligent mistakes in the game later on Austria was after goals from Staib and Rühr with 0: 3 hopelessly in arrears.

One day 2, The team of captain Xaver Hasun had obviously taken to heart the advice of the coaching team, because on the second day the game was much better for Austria. Unfortunately, Germany still won the game 5-3.

Despite their defeat, the Austrian team showed a completely different face on Sunday. The national team acted much more present and courageous, the rehabilitation for the weak performance of the previous day was impressively successful.

Strong throughout the defensive with an outstanding Melinc in the goal, building up in the build-up Benny Stanzl and Thornblöm, good scenes from Unterkircher on offense and an ice-cold recyclable body, which was also voted player of the match.

Also noteworthy is the injury of Alexander Bele, who had suffered a severe injury on his finger in the final session on Friday. He missed the team on offense and we wish Alex that he gets fit for the indoor season again.

Although the qualification for the Olympics unfortunately – not unexpected – failed, the performance of Sunday gives hope, at least in the future in the concert of the great at least to play.

After all, they played against a sixth in the world ranking. The physical strength of the Austrians is still missing to the very big nations.

Certainly, the cadre density is missing, not all players were able to adapt to the extremely high physical and technical level.


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