FIH Olympic Qualifier : Diablas miss Tokyo 2020 ticket

The Diablas ( Chile women’s hockey team) lost their second match corresponding to the Olympic Qualifier and said goodbye to the dream and watched Great Britain celebrate their ticket to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
Despite that, the Chile women played through their skin. During the first minutes of the game, Chile was very offensive, seeking the goal at all costs in order to change the course of history. However, a spectacular collective play between GB’s Howard – Townsend and Martin allowed Tessa to open the scoring at minute 4 ‘.
Three minutes later, Britain would have the second offensive play of the match that would also end in goal, but this time through Laura Unsworth.
The Great Britain women did not relieve pressure on Chile and did not neglect the defensive line, aspects that prevented those directed by Sergio “Cachito” Vigil to make individual and collective plays.
In the third quarter, the first PC  for the Diablas appeared, despite having 10 players on field. With a direct shot to the goal and a clearance by the UK defensive unit, it prevented Chile from opening the scoreboard.
After 44 minutes of the game, Francisca Parra had the opportunity to become a protagonist by introducing the ball into the British net, however, the umpire, doubting that Camila Caram had travelled the five regulatory meters before entering the ball into the area, asked for a video referral and that cancelled the only goal of the Diablas.
In this way, they went to the last quarter. Both teams were tired of the intensity experienced during the weekend but Chile that did not want to say goodbye to the qualifier without scoring.
Manuela Urroz earned a PC and beat the British goalie and scored a goal.
The Final score was 2-1, with 5-1 overall in favor of the Great Britain.


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