The Spanish men’s national team of field hockey has qualified for the next Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

They have done so by defeating France (3-2), in the second match corresponding to the pre-Olympic qualifying round held in Valencia.

An encounter that began with a French team that seemed to enter the game better. Thus, in the first approach on the left wing, Gaspard Baumgarten inaugurated the score (0-1, Minute 3). 

France took control of the game approaching with danger. Meanwhile, Spain could not elaborate any action with danger. A pair of corner kicks, taken brilliantly by Quico Cortés, avoided the second against.

A dynamic that was repeated in the next room, where one against could mean the second French goal. However, the Spaniards, based on claw, forced their rival, until they reached the first penalty corner. 

The shot was rejected by the rear, reaching the ball to a Miki Delàs who hit with the soul to return the tie to the scoreboard (1-1, Minute 21). A match that gave wings to a team that ended up playing quieter. 

Thus, from a recovery in the core, Pau Quemada boarding school ended in the back pass that Álvaro Iglesias did not miss to turn the scoreboard (2-1, Minute 28).

With this minimal difference, the equator was overcome, during which time the best minutes of Fred Soyez arrived. 

Trying to control the crash, they approached the opposite goal clearly. Although the pupils of Jeroen Delmee managed to get rid of this domain, to force new penalties in his locker. Thus, one of them, François Goyet returned to leave the tables in the electronic (2-2, Minute 39). 

A hard blow that was replicated in the next action. It was now Spain who led the confrontation at that point in the field. A hard pitch was barely rejected by the defense, which committed a penalty sanctioned with stroke. An occasion that Xavi Lleonart did not miss, to return the advantage on the scoreboard to the #RedSticks (3-2, Minute 40).

In this way the final fifteen minutes began. A time full of tension due to the uncertainty of the result and where the nerves took over one of an atmosphere that jumped for joy to see the triumph of a Spain, which will again represent men’s hockey at the next Olympic meeting in Tokyo.

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