The Blues have unfortunately lost to Spain at the end of this double confrontation in Valencia and will not see the Tokyo Olympics. Nevertheless, we must not stop there and look to the future for this Team France who has mobilized all the French hockey around her. 
The disappointment is huge for everyone, we can not deny it. While the outcome is cruel because in view of the two games, our French lose little and deserved to win.
And yet, we must take advantage of this disillusionment of the positive, the Blues have allowed us to dream for weeks. From preparation until these two games, they managed to federate the fans like never before.
On the purely sporting side, we can only note the impressive progression of the level of the Team of France for several years.
France was 18th in the world ranking 4 years ago and has won 6 places since. Jeroen Delmee, coach of the Team of France, has helped to breathe new life into this solidarity group and significantly improve its level of play.
We must thank the players and the staff who gave everything and went through many sacrifices to get there, including intensive preparation and many courses against Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands.
Then of course we must thank the fans who came in large numbers in Valencia and who gave voice to support the Blues even in difficult times. Thanks also to fans who could not move but followed them through social networks or behind their screen.
Viktor Lockwood , player of the Team of France, also gives us his feelings a few days after this second match: 
“It’s such a huge disappointment, we’ve never believed it so much … We were more than in it, we did more than compete against these Spaniards, but we’re not there and that’s the harsh reality.
It’s going to be a complicated year because we do not do the Olympics so there are no competitions. But we must not start again to widen the gap that we are catching up between us and the top 8.
All this work for 2 years with this staff must continue if we want to hope to make a medal in Paris. It does not have to be a break year with a match here and there. The European teams that make the Olympics will all want to prepare against us not being there and having a level of the top 10, we must use it.
A big thank you to all the fans who came out, who carried us and gave us strength all weekend, it was amazing. An atmosphere so special that made us want to do something special … Thank you … See you soon, I hope! “
While France has missed the Tokyo Olympics 2020 berth,they will be present at the Olympics in 2024, at home, irrespective of anything.


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