In celebration of the International Olympic Day, the International Federation of Hockey (FIH) has developed special resources to bring the Hockey community closer.

National Hockey Associations world over, are invited to come together and organise mass participation hockey activities on or around June 23rd 2019, in their respective countries, to honour the International Olympic Day celebrations.

The Olympic Day is a global celebration of the founding of the International Olympic Committee and the modern Olympic Movement by Pierre de Coubertain in 1894.

FIH wants national associations from across all continents to come together to encourage young and old alike to get involved in the sport, regardless of their age, gender and athletic ability.

National Associations are urged to host tournaments, organise coaching clinics, workshops, organise meet-and-greet for the public with former international players, and even run educational seminars.

The FIH will also give out a dedicated ‘FIH Olympic Day Award to the association which promotes the positive values of the Olympic Movement i.e, excellence, friendship and respect, in the best possible way.

The prize money for this years award has been increased to a whooping CHF 6000 (5955.99 USD).

Last year, as many as 50 countries across all continents, celebrated the FIH Olympic Day Movement.

Throughout the international celebration, members are invited to capture highlights from their involvement at the Olympic Day events by sharing photos on social media using the hashtag #OlympicDay and #Hockey4Life.


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