Luciana Von der Heyde
Inframe : Luciana von der Heyde / Photo Credits : Getty Images

After the debut in the FIH Pro League, the Lionesses continued with their training thinking about the next commitments of the season that include the novel international contest proposed by the International Hockey Federation and the Pan American Games of Lima, qualifiers for the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020.

On the first date of the FIH Pro League, Argentina beat Belgium by 2 to 0 and then equaled 2 to 2 against the United States to end up being imposed by penalties, which allowed him to add two points and accumulate a total of five.

On Wednesday the Lionesses travelled to Mar del Plata where they will concentrate and train thinking about their next rivals: Germany and Holland, who will face on the 22nd and 24th of this month, respectively in the Synthetic of CeNARD (Buenos Aires).

Argentina Women’s Squad

  • Belen Succi
  • Florence Mutio
  • Chirstina Cpsentino
  • Silvina D’elia
  • Luciana Von der Heyde
  • Sofia Toccalino
  • Valentina Costa Biondi
  • Rosario Luchetti
  • Agustina Habif
  • Florencia Habif
  • AgostinaAlonso
  • Micaela Retegui
  • Celina Di Santo
  • EugeniaTrinchinetti
  • Victoria Sauze Valdez
  • Carla Rebecchi
  • Delfina Merino
  • Agustina Albertario
  • Maria Jose Granatto
  • Julieta Jankunas
  • Brisa Bruggesser
  • Victoria Granatto
  • Paula Ortiz
  • Victoria Zuloaga
  • Catalina Labake