Aline Fobe
Inframe : Aline Fobe / Photo Credits : Getty Images

Niels Thijssen, coach of the Red Panthers, have unveiled his selection for the Pro League games taking place at Uccle Sport on April 10th.

Belgium Women’s Hockey team

  • Aisling Of Hooghe
  • Elena Sotgiu
  • Tiphaine Duquesne
  • Aline Fobe
  • Link Hillewaert
  • Emma Puvrez
  • Stephanie Vanden Borre
  • Judith Vandermeiren
  • Sophie Limauge
  • Alix
  • Pauline Leclef Gerniers
  • Barbara Nelen
  • Michelle Struijk
  • Jill Boon
  • Amber Ballenghien
  • Emilie Sinia
  • Louise Versavel
  • Anne-Sophie Weyns


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