Great Britain vs Germany Hockey
Great Britain vs Germany Hockey. Pic Credits : Getty
Great Britain’s women were defeated in the last minute by Germany in a seven-goal thriller in London.
Howard (10′, FG), (17′, FG) and Petter (52′, FG) scored for Great Britain while Wortmann (26′, FG), Lorenz (40′, FG), Micheel (54′, FG) and Stapenhorst (59′, FG) scored for Germany.
This was a disappointing result considering it was Goalkeeper Maddie Hinch’s debut Pro League match.
In a mirror of the men’s team the night before, Britain were 2-0 and 3-2 up, but Germany showed great resilience to take all three points with only 17 seconds remaining.
The Mark Hager’s wll next face Australia in a double header at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre.
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