Jill Boon (252 caps), a long-serving member of the Belgium national squad is very excited about the prospect of some high octane hockey action.

“Hockey is booming in Belgium, thanks to the result of the Red Lions.” Jill told FIH.

“The Pro League will for sure help to increase the popularity and we hope also that it will awaken some new passion in the little hockey players of the future.The Red Panthers’ numbers are increasing year after year. Belgium supporters are always keen to support Belgian athletes in any sport.” said the lethal striker.

Jill, 30, is the older sister of Tom, the Red Lions star striker, started her career at the Royal White Star, before playing 11 seasons at Wellington.

“We believe that we are close to breaking into the top 10 in the FIH Hero World Rankings, and to be able to perform against top ranked team will for sure help us in our development and as we set about achieving future goals.” said Jill.

“I think it’s a really exciting tournament. To be able to travel around the globe to play games against top team is really cool.It’s going to be a real hockey party and I’m sure that the teams that are coming to play in Belgium will love the atmosphere here.” she said.

Belgium women’s first FIH Pro League match will take place on January 26 2019 at the Estadio Municipal de Hockey in Cordoba.