🌀FIH Pro League : Argentina Men's Hockey team fall to Belgium in their second Pro League match
thedragflick.com/Credits : International Hockey Federation/Instagram

Dragflick Newsdesk : The story was different. And Belgium took the victory in its second presentation at the National Center for High Performance Sports. Putting on a solid performance and striking at just the right moments, the World and Olympic champion got revenge and defeated the Lions 2-0 in an FIH Pro League match.

Buoyed by Saturday’s win, the Lions began the opening minutes looking for possession of the ball with mid-court partnerships. As the first quarter passed, Argentina began to have inaccuracies in that sector of the field, so Belgium quickly took control of the game. From then on, the Belgians also had the clearest chances through the penalty corner.

They got the first one after 12 minutes, but the Argentine defense became strong against Hendrickx ‘s drag . That last moment of the opening period went to the winner who forced seven shorts in a row. Only in the eighth did he obtain what he had been looking for in an insistent way and Alexander Hendrickx marked the imbalance with only 25 seconds to go.

In the second quarter, Belgium continued in the same vein as the first. He had the opportunity for the second goal with a short shot that ended with a good response from the Argentine defense. Later, with the passing of the minutes, Mariano Ronconi‘s team took the initiative of the match and got his first penalty after a great play by Martín Ferreiro. In the execution Tolini finished off above the goal. After that opportunity for the national team, Belgium once again took control of the game against an Argentina that tried to be more aggressive anyway.

Already in the second half, in the first minutes, the Lions tried, through possession, to hurt Van den Heuvel’s team, but they could not connect in the offensive zone. Midway through the third quarter, Belgium regained possession of the ball without creating any danger. He couldn’t get close to the Arco de Santiago accurately. Beyond that, the parity in the game was great, but Belgium maintained the difference in the result. 20 seconds from the end of the fourth Belgium got their tenth short, but it was well defended by Argentina.

The minutes passed, the difference on the scoreboard was maintained but that distance was not noticeable in the game. After a play by Keenan, Argentina achieved its third short, but it did not reach equality. The selected team grew over time, achieved possession and approached the goal. Keenan later entered the area after an individual play, but his backhand shot was deflected .

Immediately the winner had a new short that ended in the drag of Loick Luypaert and that became the second goal for the second team in the world ranking. With the difference in the result, the Lions desperately sought the discount pushed by the encouragement of the people and only seven seconds from closing they had their fourth short that led to a great save by goalkeeper Van Doren.


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