Christopher Ruhr
Inframe : Christopher Ruhr / Photo Credits : Getty Images

National coach Stefan Kermas has announced his team for the first national team dates in 2019. The HONAMAS travel to Valencia, Spain, from January 19-24 to prepare for their first away fixtures in the new FIH Pro League with two friendly matches against hosts Spain.

The top international league of the world’s top nine teams will be hosting eight away and eight home games in the first half of the season for all participants.

The DHB team meets first on 10 February in Hobart on Australia, then on 15 February in Christchurch on New Zealand and on 22 February in Buenos Aires on Olympic champion Argentina. The German home matches take place at the end of April in Mönchengladbach and in May and June in Krefeld.

National coach Stefan Kermas: “I’m glad that it will continue swiftly in January, so we can quickly tackle the unsatisfactory World Cup result and start with new ideas in the next challenge. The cancellation of some experienced players and championship riders gives younger players the opportunity to show themselves directly on international terrain and to gain important experience in the direction of Tokyo 2020. Anyway, I think the regular games against top nations will bring us to a higher level of competition, which will make us as a team in whole and the players individually very well. “

Full Squad for the FIH Pro League

  • Victor Aly
  • Tobias Walter
  • Anton Boeckel
  • Niklas Bosserhoff
  • Florian Fox
  • Mats Grambusch
  • Tom Grambusch
  • Johannes Great
  • Timm Heart break
  • Teo Hinrichs
  • Dieter Linnekogel
  • Marco Miltkau
  • Mathias Müller
  • Julius Meyer
  • Moritz Rothländer
  • Christopher Rühr
  • Constantin Staib
  • Ferdinand Weinke
  • Niklas Waves
  • Luke Wind feather