Max Cladas
Inframe : Max Cladas / Photo Credits : Getty Images

Max Caldas and his team will now turn their attention to a very new challenge – the FIH Pro League. A global league that calls for consistency in performance on a week to week basis, interspersed with long distance travel.

“It’s a huge addition to the calendar,” is Max Caldas’ view of the FIH Pro League.

“We will have to work out the travel and the games will have to be worked out without making a marked effect on the club hockey.”

One very positive impact the new league will have on the Dutch clubs is increased visibility of the national men’s and women’s teams in action.

While the KNHB, the Dutch national hockey association, will work out the minutiae detail of the next few months, the hockey-loving Dutch spectators will be eagerly awaiting home matches as the FIH Pro League will go on a tour of the famous Dutch hockey clubs.

Clubs coming together to host FIH Pro League

Five giants of the Dutch club game will play host to FIH Pro League fixtures, meaning hockey fans across the country will all have easy access to top-class international hockey.

HC Rotterdam is in the Dutch province of South Holland; SV Kampong is in the medieval city of Utrecht in central Netherlands.

The province of North Brabant hosts two venues, HC Oranje-Rood in Eindhoven and HC ’s-Hertogenbosch in Den Bosch. The final venue is the iconic Wagener Stadium in Amsterdam.