We already are into Month Two of the FIH Pro League’s inaugural season and the hockey fraternity cannot stop raving about the initiative.

Whilst World tours and single venue international leagues are played regularly, this is arguably the first of its kind, with national teams playing one-off matches both home and away in venues across the world over six months each year.

The FIH Pro League 2019, headed by ex-FIFA marketing man Thierry Weil, embodies a 10-year strategy aiming to make hockey a global game that inspires the next generation.

“This is the first time such a league is being played and that is thanks to the participating National Associations,” says Weil

“Believe me, to put a six-month league into an existing calendar is really difficult and needs a lot of collaboration and good will from the athletes, clubs and national leagues, so this is a real testament to everyone’s commitment and good will,” Weil says

Weil says hockey has great potential to grow, develop and lead the way in innovation.This league will help increase the fan base and participation rates, which in turn will have a positive knock-on effect on FIH’s ability to find commercial partners.

This is will also make hockey a career choice for athletes who will regularly be given the opportunity to perform in big, bold, packed and loud venues both in their homeland and overseas.

“Hockey has already taken a big step forwards over the past few years,” says Weil

Lets hope this new competition will also fuel the growth of hockey for many years to come, significantly increasing revenues for hockey.