The much awaited women’s hockey world rankings have finally been released by the FIH.
As per the latest rankings, the biggest gainers on the table are the Russia women’s hockey team and the Canada women’s hockey team. Both have had an impressive jump ⁠— climbing four and three places each on the world ranking table.
The Germany women’s hockey team have also moved one stair up on the world ranking table and are now the fourth best team in the world.
The update also saw Lithuania and Peru women’s hockey teams officially open their ranking account.
The ones to have a major setback in their rankings is Belgium, Chile and Scotland who have fallen three places down.
England too have fallen one place down and currently occupy the 5th position on the table.
Let’s take a look at how the top 20 women’s hockey teams currently stand : 
World No. 1 : The Netherlands women’s hockey remain on the 1st position following their recent title success at the Belfius EuroHockey Championship in Antwerp. The Netherlands have 2578 points in their kitty.
World No. 2 : The Australia women’s hockey team remain in the 2nd place despite not winning the Oceania Cup 2019 games. They hold 2020 points to their name.
World No. 3 : Pan American Games 2019 champions Argentina women’s hockey team hold on to the 3rd position. They have 1938 points in their bag.
World No. 4 & 5 : European silver medallists Germany are now the 4th best team in the world with 1893 points after moving ahead of England, who are now ranked 5th. England have 1761 points in their bag.
World No. 6 : Rankings of New Zealand (6th) remain unchanged despite winning the Oceania Cup 2019. New Zealand have 1733 to their name.
World No. 7 & 8 : Rankings of Spain (7th) and Ireland (8th) too remain unchanged. Spain has 1713 points and Ireland have 1480 points in their bag.
World No. 9,10 & 11 : India (1443 points), China (1421 points) and Korea (1380 points) have climbed one stair up each and now sit on the 9th, 10th & 11th position respectively.
World No. 12 : After a fifth finish at the FIH Pro League and a sixth finish at the Euro Hockey Championship 2019, the Belgium women’s hockey team have fallen three stairs down and now occupy the 12th position. Belgium have accumulated 1345 points.
World No. 13 & 14 : Rankings of USA (1190 points ) and Japan (1185 points) remain unchanged. USA still occupy the 13th place and Japan still sit on the 14th place.
World No. 15, 16, 17 & 18 :  Canada have climbed three stairs up and currently sit 15th on the table after their Pan American Games silver finish. Canada have 1163 points in their bag.
They have out-beaten AFCON champions South Africa (983 points), Italy (904 points) and even Chile (775 points) who occupy the 16th, 17th and 18th position respectively.
World No. 18 :  The Chile women’s hockey team who finished third at the FIH Series Finals in Hiroshima, fell three stairs down and currently sit 18th on the world ranking table. Chile have 775 points to their name.
World Rank. 19 : The Russia women’s hockey team who finished fourth at the FIH Series Finals in Hiroshima and seventh at the EuroHockey Championship 2019 climbed four stairs up and currently sit 19th on the world ranking table. Russia have 746 points in their bag.
World Rank 20 : Ranking of the Malaysian women’s hockey team remains unchanged. Malaysia have accumulated 708 points in  their bag.


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