The second of three FIH Women’s Series Finals will begin today in Hiroshima and will witness 8 women’s hockey teams participating at the event.
The event will feature two pools comprising four participating teams followed by a
knock-out phase.
All of the competing teams in each pool will play against each other, with three points being awarded for a win, one point for a draw and zero points for a loss.
Pool A will see women from India (9th) , Poland (23rd), Uruguay (24th) and Fiji (44th) competing while Pool B will see women from Japan (14th), Chile (16th), Russia (24th) and Mexico (29th) competing.
The top two placed teams at this event will earn a place at the FIH Olympic qualifiers, taking place later in the year.
The tournament will take place at the Hiroshima Hockey Stadium is located within the Hiroshima Regional Park, around 11km northwest of the city centre.
The Hiroshima Regional Park is a vast multi-sport complex that offers facilities,
stadiums and surfaces for various athletic activities.
As well as the impressive hockey complex, which has a world class playing surface and a spectator capacity of 3,000, there are also stadiums suitable for football, athletics and baseball as well as numerous tennis courts.
Action begins on June 15th 2019. The Full Schedule can be found here.


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