When world no.44 Fiji women’s hockey team took to the field at the FIH Series Finals in Hiroshima against India, one name sounded too Indian in Fiji’s team sheet – it was 24 year old Divyankar Kumar‘s name.

Hockey may be a minor sport in Fiji but that didn’t stop the Fiji born Indian from pursuing the sport.

In an interview with The Dragflick, the 24 year old Fiji player who is playing her debut outdoor international tournament at the FIH Series Finals in Hiroshima opens up about her roots, her initiation to hockey and the team’s ambitions going forward.

The Dragflick : Your name sounds so Indian.. do you have Indian roots?

D: Oh yes, I have Indian roots, my grand parents are from India. But, i was born and brought up in Fiji.

The Dragflick: Oh wow! How did you get started in hockey?

D: I was fourteen years old when my sister introduced me to the sport and that’s how it started. I took an immediate liking to it.

The Dragflick : What do you do apart from playing hockey?

D: I work at a telecom company in Fiji. I am a network engineer by profession.

The Dragflick : How supportive are your parents of your hockey career?

D: My father has always motivated me to pursue hockey.

When he mentioned that he would play hockey too, my interest to take up the sport was further accelerated.

The Dragflick : How does it feel coming to this tournament? 

D: It is a memorable experience, one with a lot of emotions. It feels incredible to play my debut international tournament here.

Fiji can be proud that they could make it to this tournament. This has been a rare opportunity for Fiji and has been an honour to represent the team.

The Dragflick : What are your aims/expectations from this tournament ? 

D: The aim is to get as much as experience as possible through this tournament since this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us.

It is great we are able to play against high ranked teams such as India and Poland.

We want to make most out of the opportunities we get. Hopefully, Fiji will get to play at more international tournaments in the future.


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