Japan Womens Hockey Team
Credits : S.Sato
The first crossover match of the FIH Womens Series Finals in Hiroshima saw the hosts Japan claim a clean sweep (5-0) victory over Poland.
Despite the best efforts of their captain, Marlena Rybacha, Poland just couldn’t deal with the pace and intensity that Japan imposed upon them and much of the game was dominated by Japan.
This win has helped the Japan team to progress to the semi-finals of the tournament.
Poland team captain Marlena Rybacha said Japan were the better team and deserved the win.
“In the first quarter we have played really well, it was 0-0 at the end of this one; our plan worked to keep them out of the circle and not let them to score a goal. But when they have scored their second goal, it was tough for us to keep playing. In the end, they were just better so I think they really deserve to win this game and they showed they are a good team and deserve to be in the semi-finals.” 
Japan head coach Anthony Farry said he was pleased with the teams performance.
“I think in the second half, we certainly responded really well. We were able to put some space between us and them on the scoreboard which is important for us, and we scored a couple of really good goals in the end.” 
The action continues tomorrow in Hiroshima (Friday 21 June)
  • 15:45 (JST time) Mexico – Fiji
  • 18:00 (JST time) Poland – Uruguay


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