Australia, one of the competitors for the women’s hockey world cup, dropped out of the World Cup bidding, leaving only German, New Zealand and India in the running to be chosen to bid by the International Federation of Hockey.
While, more nations have expressed interest to host the world cup, it is unknown at this stage who will come on board.
It is also unknown as to why Australia developed cold feet. Australia’s bid team have not made any comments about their decision.
One can say maybe they pulled out simply because of the obvious –  “Hosting being expensive”.
These days hosting a World Cup requires multiple venues, they require media and television production facility, ceremonial space, fan space, green space, entertainment space, transportation amongst all of it, not to forget special lanes for executives and players. It also takes a lot of years of planning just to be in the running to host.
But, then when you think of it, Australia is already blessed with the best built-in venues, infrastructure and transportation system. Plus they have a very professional team of staff to execute the event.
Germany, New Zealand and India have all expressed interest in the 2023 slot, and we’ll have to see which other new nations have opted to come aboard.
There is no changes to the men’s team bidding. Germany, Malaysia, Spain and India are in the line as of now.
Well, all we can do is wait till the next FIH Executive Board takes place (8-9 November) in Lausanne to have more clarity.
Men’s world cup bidders 
Germany, India, Malaysia, Spain
Women’s world cup bidders 
Germany, India & New Zealand


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