Photo Credits : Hockey India

France hockey announced probables for the senior men’s national camp starting from February 25 to 27, 2019 at Wattignies.

After the World Cup in December, the Blues will meet for the first time this year.

This training camp is launch in the preparation for the French for the next two major events, the Hockey Series Finals in Le Touquet and the European Championship II in Cambrai.

This selection brings together a collective that will be concerned by these two competitions.

France Men’s Probables 

  • Gaspard Baugmarten
  • Amaury Blellenger
  • Maximilien Branicki
  • Victor Charlet
  • Timothée Clēment
  • Adrien Coffigniez
  • Aristide Coisne
  • Eliot Curty
  • Guillaume Deront
  • Nicolas Dumont
  • Antoine Ferec
  • Jean-Baptiste Forgues
  • Hugo Genestet
  • Tom Genestet
  • Jean-Laurent Kieffer
  • Thomas Lenglet
  • Viktor Lockwood
  • Simon Martin-Brisac
  • Charles Massion
  • Kevin Mercurio
  • Miguel Pereire
  • Peters Deutz
  • Théophile Ponthieu
  • Edger Reynaud
  • Blaise Rogeau
  • Corentin
  • Saunier Arthur Thieffery
  • Etienne Tynevez
  • Niels Van Straaten
  • Pieter Van Straaten


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