🏆 FIH World Cup Qualifiers : France men's team falls to Wales in the finals of the European World Cup qualifiers
Photo Credit : Irfon Bennett/ France Hockey

The Tournament could have been perfect for the France A Men’s Team by winning the tournament after qualifying for the World Cup. Unfortunately, the tricolor domination will not have been enough for the players of Fred Be.

For this last match, the coach decided to align Antonin Igau in place of Blaise Rogeau. The first quarter of the match is very calm, the two teams observe each other and the Blues want to avoid falling into the trap that the Welsh set for them in Amsterdam last June. The end of the quarter is to the advantage of the Blues who get two Petit Corner. In vain, since the Welsh are solid (15 ‘).

On resumption, the Blues continue their domination. Simon Martin-Brisac then Timothée Clément fit perfectly into the circle but the Blues do not materialize (20 ‘). The Blues push, dominate, and end up opening the mark. Gaspard Baumgarten leans on Max Branicki and enters the circle before deceiving Ieunan Tranter between the legs (1-0 23 ‘) .

On the following action, Charles Masson offers a goal to Antonin Igau who misses his chance (25 ‘). The Blues clearly dominate this match since the entries into the circle continue and the Blues end up obtaining a PC through Timothée Clément (29 ‘). However, the players of the French team are missing their chance to double the gap.

On resumption, the Welsh are more aggressive and put their strategy in place. Timothée Clément was given a yellow card in the 36th minute and the Blues held up well in inferiority.

Unfortunately, the Welsh are realistic and at the first chance they equalize. Hawker, alone in front of goal, completes the game created by the Welsh attack (43 ‘). A French PC acts as a response for the players of Fred Be, but the defense of Wales is intractable (44 ‘). At the end of the period, Simon Martin-Brisac and Viktor Lockwood entered the circle but did not materialize.

In the last quarter, the Welsh and French observe each other. However, François Goyet receives a yellow card (52 ‘) and the Welsh will make him pay. On a Small Corner, Charles Masson saves his own but the rebound is won by Wales. They take the lead (55 ‘).

The Blues try everything, but stumble on the Welsh defense. The French team finished in second place in the Qualifying Tournament for the World Cup. The goal is met, the Blues will go to India in 2023. However, Wales spoils the party and takes points from the Blues in the fight for the top 10 in the world. There is no doubt that the staff and the collective are disappointed with the turn of events. But the Blues have obtained their ticket for India and will find the best world nations in Odisha. Go the Blues!


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