🏆 FIH World Cup Qualifiers : France women's team lose to Russia
Photo Credits : Frank Uijlenbroek/ France Hockey

Second day of competition for the World Cup Qualifying Tournaments. After an honorable defeat against Ireland, the players coached by Gaël Foulard faced Russia, the 20th nation in the world.

Despite a defeat synonymous with non-qualification the day before, the Blues continue the competition with the ambition to face the best nations and prove that they are better than their position in the international ranking.

The French women’s team continues to progress and to show great things. The day after the match, the Blue went on against Russia beaten 7 goals to 1 the day before against Belarus. The remaining two matches will allow unqualified teams to place themselves in the tournament standings to determine 5th to 8th place.

The team evading in red (Russia) enters better in its match. Amputee of Mickaela Lahlah, the French women’s team timidly enters the match but nevertheless obtains the first Petit Corner of the match, followed by the same exercise for the players of Oleg Potapov.

The Russians continue, without scoring, their domination on the ground. They monopolize the ball and enter the circle more than the Blue ones. To note several losses of ball in the organization of the French game which thus bring several chances to score for Russia. In the second quarter, Russia picked up where it left off with a CP obtained (16 ‘).

This is without counting the saving deviation of Alice Lesgourgues which saves hers. Mathilde Pétriaux is talked about on several occasions since.

However, on the fourth Russian Petit Corner, the players in red found the fault with a good combination (0-1 19 ‘). The period is one-sided: the Russians dominate, obtain CP but come up against Mathilde Pétriaux. However, at the very end of the quarter the tricolor goalkeeper gave in. Sartakova unleashes a nice shoot by turning around. (0-2 30 ‘).

There is no doubt that half-time allowed Gaël Foulard to re-mobilize his players. When the match returned, Yohanna Lhopital sounded the revolt and launched a long shot from the backhand and found the flaw!

The Blue come back to the score (1-2 31 ‘). However, on the engagement, the Blue made a mistake of innocence and forget Sartakova alone in the French circle. The Russian striker does not miss her chance (1-3 31 ‘). It is certain that the break did good to the Blue, despite the goal conceded.

The players of the France team play more incisively. More aggressive, they show that they are responsive. And the work pays off because on Petit Corner, Noa Roque deflects a push from Guusje Van Bolhuis and deceives the door Pakhotnova (55 ‘2-3).

After a difficult first period on the French side, the players coached by Gaël Foulard showed very good things in the second half. Despite an avoidable goal, the Blue were able to score twice against the 20th nation in the world.

Les Bleues continue their progression in the high level of women’s hockey. See you Sunday at 9am to face Poland!


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