🇫🇷 France Hockey : French Hockey Federation announces a media partnership with Les Sportives
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Dragflick Newsdesk : In the heart of the Printemps du Hockey Féminin 2022, the FFH is proud to join forces with Les Sportives media for a very important partnership to highlight the feminization of field hockey.

The Sportswomen and the French Hockey Federation share a common ethic by proposing approaches allowing the visibility of women’s sport, in a benevolent approach and without imposing a normative model.

The purpose of this partnership is to make women’s physical activity and more generally the world of women’s sport known to as many people as possible. To this end, the FFHockey and the media Les Sportives have decided to get closer, in particular through their communication channels to develop a relationship of mutual interests.

Les Sportives , partner for the promotion and media coverage of French women’s hockey

Les Sportives is a medium with strong editorial value, pioneering the spirit of the times, social issues, with a view specifically given to women in sport. Both high-level sport and amateur sport have their place there, female spectators such as practitioners, teachers or even leaders are given pride of place.

This online medium is also a biannual magazine rich in sports, cultural and social information . Reports, portraits, interviews, testimonials… all the modes of narration are mobilized to make the reading lively, the testimonies impacting and the taking of strong positions.

Aurélie Bresson, Founder and Director of Les Sportives media :

“We are particularly proud to strengthen our ties with the French Hockey Federation. A federation anchored in its time which continues to develop fairness in its practice as well as in its bodies.

Through an ambitious feminization plan, the federation clearly affirms its desire to move towards more diversity and visibility of its sport. A common vision, shared values, which we are proud to be able to highlight more intensely through this partnership, and this on all of our online and magazine media.”

Sophie Raffy, elected to the FFH Office on the Feminization of Hockey:

“One of the flagship projects of our federation in the development of the practice of field hockey is its feminization. Like Les Sportives, we want our community to mobilize in favor of women in sport: at the level of our French teams, our clubs and our practitioners.

This collaboration will allow us to highlight our sportswomen but also all the women who are involved in our sport whatever their functions within a club, a management committee, a league and within our federation.

Les Sportives has a different view of women in sport just like us. By having elected a woman as president at the head of our federation, this opens up new horizons for us. This collaboration will allow us to expand our networks in the sports community and to all those for whom women’s sport matters.”


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