Great Britain’s women’s team have departed for Japan as part of their preparations for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.
The climate and conditions in Tokyo are set to be the most extreme for an Olympics in recent memory, and this trip is an important step for the squad to become as accustomed as possible to the heat, humidity and culture in the Far East.
The women’s team do not play many fixtures in that part of the world and this will be a perfect opportunity almost exactly one year before the 2020 games take place.
The team fly into Tokyo and will then play four games in Hiroshima, with test matches against Japan on 15th and 20th July. On 12th, 13th, 17th and 18th the squad will play uncapped training matches, two against Japan and two against the Coca Cola club side.
Full squad:
  • Giselle Ansley (Surbiton) (ENG)
  • Grace Balsdon (Canterbury) (ENG)
  • Esme Burge (University of Nottingham) (ENG)
  • Amy Costello (University of Birmingham) (SCO)
  • Emily Defroand (Surbiton) (ENG)
  • Sarah Evans (Surbiton) (ENG)
  • Maddie Hinch (SCHC) (ENG) (GK)
  • Tess Howard (Durham University) (ENG)
  • Jo Hunter (Surbiton) (ENG)
  • Sarah Jones (Holcombe) (WAL)
  • Hannah Martin (Surbiton) (ENG)
  • Shona McCallin (Holcombe) (ENG)
  • Lizzie Neal (Loughborough Students) (ENG)
  • Lily Owsley (University of Birmingham) (ENG)
  • Hollie Pearne-Webb (Surbiton) (ENG) (C)
  • Izzy Petter (Surbiton) (ENG)
  • Sarah Robertson (Hampstead & Westminster) (SCO)
  • Amy Tennant (Reading) (GK)
  • Anna Toman (Wimbledon) (ENG)
  • Susannah Townsend (Canterbury) (ENG)
  • Laura Unsworth (East Grinstead) (ENG)
  • Charlotte Watson (Dundee Wanderers) (SCO)
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