🇩🇪 Germany Hockey : German junior men's team play out a draw against USA in their first test match
Photo Credit : DHB Hockey

The German junior team played 1: 1 against the US men’s team at the World Cup preparation course in Frankfurt on Wednesday evening. In a rather superior match, however, the protégés of national coach Johannes Schmitz did not use their chances (10: 4 shots on goal) and corners (4: 4) effectively. The US team was very low in the back, but occasionally countered quite dangerous.

So the guests, in whose ranks with Jack Heldens (Alster), keeper Jonathan Klages (Berliner HC) as well as the Stuttgart brothers Kei and Aki Käppeler as well as their teammate Vincent Heller, there are also five players from the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga, went into the 20 minutes after such a counterattack by corner in the lead. Hannes Müller was able to compensate for this two minutes later, but it wasn’t enough for more, despite some good chances.

“I was very passionate about my team,” said Schmitz. “But we should have waited a little more calmly for our chances against such a deep opponent. In the last quarter the boys increased the pace well. I expect that tomorrow in the second game from the beginning, then we can beat the Americans in front of bigger ones Set tasks. And that will be shown on the scoreboard. Overall, it was already a good start to the course today. ”

The second match against the newly formed US team, which will also test against Belgium’s U21s after their stay in Germany, will take place tomorrow, Thursday at 5 p.m. at SC Frankfurt 80.


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