🇩🇪 Germany Hockey : German U21 Women’s team fall to Netherlands in their final Hockey Junior World Cup preparatory match

The air at the end of the last World Cup course in Mannheim before the FIH Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup 2021 in Potchefstroom (South Africa) from December 5th to 16th seemed to have run out for the German juniors.

There was no other way of explaining the 2: 7 defeat in the final quarter (half time 1: 2) against World Cup rivals Netherlands on Thursday afternoon. Over three quarters of the German women’s youngsters kept up very well, then their own strength waned while “Jong Oranje” turned up again.

The female U21s of the DHB will now start on Monday towards South Africa, where the team of national coach Akim Bouchouchi will start the World Cup against the USA on Sunday, December 5th at 4 p.m. German time.

“We actually got off to a good start in the first quarter today, but unfortunately we couldn’t take this energy with us into the following quarters,” U21 assistant coach Nicklas Benecke had to recognize after the final whistle.

Lilly Stoffelsma, after strong preparatory work by Jette Fleschütz and Lisa Nolte, had put the German juniors in the lead (15th), but less than two minutes later the Dutch women equalized the score, as Teuntje de Wit in the right half of the German firing circle almost in a copy of the German 1: 0 converted a ball back to 1: 1 (17th).

The game remained a bit more balanced, but Mikki Roberts managed to take the first 2-1 lead for “Jong Oranje” with a bottom left corner hit before half-time whistle.

After the break, the German U21 women tried to equalize for their part. Sara Straus succeeded in doing so at the end of the third quarter: After preparatory work by Stoffelsma, the Düsseldorf woman turned out and hopped the ball over the falling Dutch goalkeeper to make it 2-2 (45th).

It should be the last countable high point on the German side. “In the final quarter we were literally overrun”, Benecke had to state and added:

“We were not able to counter the game of the Dutch in any phase. There were certainly some factors that played a role. ”On the other hand, everything worked out: Shortly after the equalizer, the Netherlands restored their old lead, then Noor Omrani even increased it to 4: 2 (50th). At least now the German resistance was broken,

On the one hand, Benecke drew a clear order from his own team from the final quarter, and on the other, he was in good spirits with a view to South Africa:

“Ultimately, we have to admit that we still have to take a few development steps before the start of the World Cup. Despite everything, we are flying to South Africa in good spirits, knowing that we can be a very uncomfortable team. It is important to bring that onto the pitch in every game. “


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