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The German men won their first of four test games in Johannesburg against the future Olympic qualifying opponent South Africa 11-2.
Constantin Staib did a hat trick, Jonas Gomoll scored a four-pack.
Paul-Philipp Kaufmann scored in his first international match as well.
The other games will take place tomorrow, Sunday at 2 p.m., Thursday, February 27, 4 p.m. and Saturday, February 29, at 10 a.m.
The DHB team from the beginning with good pass and combination play, played good scenes on and in a circle.
It also only took four minutes, then Constantin Staib was able to bring the ball from the back area to 0: 1 after a strong run by Teo Hinrichs and Paul-Philipp Kaufmann over the right baseline. The match remained one-sided predominantly in half of South Africa. In the 9th minute, a defender on the line of the South African goal saved in dire need.
The 0: 2 was in the air. Then in the 12th minute the first corner of the game, where keeper Rassie Pieterse showed a strong parade against Martin Häner, but Staib then took the high second rebound volley out of the air from a short distance and scored for the second goal (13th) ,
The Honamas took the second corner after a strong attack via Fuchs and Bosserhoff on the left base line (18th), but Siyavuya Nolutshungu, who was in charge of the hosts’ goal in the second quarter, fished a flick of Justus Weigand with a nice bat parade from the upper left corner , Malte Hellwig had another good chance, but failed to hit the ball on the left post (19). And then goalkeeper Alexander Stadler had to go for the first time when he parried a backhand shot and then also at the first corner of the home side moved the ball, which was well blocked by runner Häner, out of the danger zone (20.).
On the other hand, it fell 0-3 when the ball was pushed from the left to the long post, where Paul-Philipp Kaufmann blocked the ball (22nd) – his first goal in the first international match. The DHB men stayed on. There was the third corner (23rd), which resulted in the fourth, which was moved to the center of Gomoll over to the 0: 4 line. South Africa is now completely overwhelmed. Gomoll brought a backhand cross to Malte Hellwig in the middle of the circle, who humorously increased the forehand to 0: 5 (25th).
Shortly before the break, South Africa took the second corner, which was stopped. Stadler got the margin with a good parade from the endangered corner. But now a little less concentration behind. There was the third corner, which passed the gate on the left. So it remained with the clear leadership during the break. The Germans then hesitated in a right-wing attack by the home side against Nqobile Ntuli, who refueled himself through four defenders and beat Stadler with a hard backhand stroke from a half-right position to 1: 5 (31st).
The rain was now so heavy that it became very slippery on the pitch. It was nevertheless decided to continue playing. Ferdinand Weinke saw yellow after a foul in his own circle. Outnumbered Florian Fuchs had a double chance from close range, but put the backhand well over the goal (35.). And in the next counterattack over Fuchs – still outnumbered – Mathias Müller hit the ball in the back and hit the backhand to make it 1: 6 (37th).
The match then lost noticeably less speed, which was particularly due to the wet conditions because it kept pouring. Fuchs then checked Rassie Pieterse again from a short distance from the right (43.). A quick impact sent Kaufmann into the circle on the right, whose ball pressed the long post Jonas Gomoll 1: 7 (45th) over the line – a hat trick for the Cologne striker, but he added:
The Honamas caught shortly afterwards their fifth corner, which Gomoll turned down with the quarter siren on the top right to 1: 8 (45th).
The Germans started the final quarter with a high pressing, further pushing South African mistakes in the construction. Fuchs always had good scenes, but today bad luck in the end. There was a fourth corner for South Africa that was whistled out as dangerous.
After the other referee’s intervention, the goal was finally given. But the Germans did not remain guilty of the answer. Constantin Staib made his hat trick to 2: 9 (53.) perfect in the next attack.
Then the sixth DHB corner (54th), which was technically unsuccessful, but the ball came via detours to publisher Mathias Müller, who scrubbed in from an acute angle into the upper right corner (55th) and made the score double-digit.
Siyavuya Nolutshungu, who was back between the South African posts in the last quarter, had to stand out a few more times so that the score did not get any higher. Shortly before the end, the seventh corner for the DHB men, which Jonas Gomoll converted from the offshoot to 2:11 (60th) – thus a pack of five for him in this game.
Kais al Saadi:  “It was a very refreshing international game, although with some ups and downs. These were some great combinations and great goals, but also some negligence on the defensive, which resulted in a whole series of corners and two goals conceded. This shows that the difference today was more on the offensive and less on defending.”
0:1    Constantin Staib (4.)
0:2    Constantin Staib (KE, 13.)

0:3    Paul-Philipp Kaufmann (22.)
0:4    Jonas Gomoll (KE, 23.)
0:5    Malte Helwig (25.)
1:5    Nqobile Ntuli (31.)
1:6    Mathias Müller (37.)
1:7    Jonas Gomoll (44.)
1:8    Jonas Gomoll (KE, 45.)

2:8    Ignatius Malgraff (KE, 52.)
2:9    Constantin Staib (53.)
2:10  Mathias Müller (KE, 54.)
2:11  Jonas Gomoll (KE, 60.)
RSA 4 (1 Tor) / GER 7 (5 Tore)
Peter Wright / Erik Etsebeth (beide RSA)


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