(24.01.1947 - 26.02.2019)

Former DHB vice president and Honamas team manager Dieter Schuermann passed away in Berlin on the 26th of Feb 2019, at the age of 72 years.

Schuermann shaped the German hockey scene over three decades with his great commitment and his ideas.

DHB President Wolfgang Hillmann said that the entire German hockey family is sad.

“Dieter Schuermann has made a name for himself in many different roles – as manager of the men’s national team, as well as vice president of mass sports.

“His special merit is the strong emphasis of the Popular sports on all levels of hockey.”

Dieter Schuermann has been involved since 1977 in the Berlin Hockey Association.

In the Berlin Hockey Association, he took over in 1977, the Office of the Youth Warden and was elected in 1979 in the DHB Youth Committee, where he worked for 20 years very committed. 

Both in Berlin and in the DHB Youth Committee, he contributed significantly to the development of children and – against all odds – small field hockey, as well as to promote the girls hockey

In October 1990 he became president of the Berlin Hockey Association.

He was also a member of the DHB presidium, at the Bundestag in May 1989.

In addition, in early 2001, he took over the post of team manager of the men’s national team.

He held this position on the side of national coach Bernhard Peters until the successful World Cup 2006 in Mönchengladbach.

In May 2003, he was honored with the Golden Badge of Honor of the DHB.

The Dragflick family shares condolences with Dieter’s wife Susanne and the children Tim, Svenja and Wibke.


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