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The German men also clearly won their second friendly match in Johannesburg against the future Olympic preliminaries South Africa. 
24 hours after the 11-2, there was a 7-1 win (2-0). Marco Miltkau did a hat trick, Lukas Windfeder (2), Niklas Wellen and Jonas Gomoll scored the other goals. 
The next two games against the South Africans will follow next Thursday (4 p.m.) and Saturday (10 a.m.).
The match started 90 minutes later than scheduled because the irrigation system needed to be repaired. There were some technical errors in the initial phase due to the not ideally level floor. South Africa showed willingness to set more accents and had the first shot on goal, which went well over the goal guarded by Victor Aly (4th). Jonas Gomoll then tested Siyavuya Nolutshungu for the first time with a hard, flat blow (7th), but it held just as shortly afterwards against Teo Hinrichs (9th).
The keeper of the home side was now increasingly in focus. Bene Fürk tested him with a hard backhand shot, but Nolutshungu parried again (10th). South Africa, however, is much more present than in the first match, Victor Aly also had to make two saves (13th) to keep the draw for the first quarter break.
The DHB team increased the pressure after the break. Marco Miltkau chased a backhand just over the crossbar (17th). Then an attack across the left baseline led to the opening goal as Niklas Wellen threw herself into the ball on the long post to lock in for 0-1 (18th).
Rassie Pieterse, who guarded the goal in the second quarter, then saved with a brilliant act against a shot of stirring from the turn (21st). Rühr and Mats Grambusch had further chances, since South Africa was now hardly used.
But then there was negligence in the passing game, balls were lost too early. The German game is not as effective as usual. Only a nice attack in the middle brought the 0: 2, when Marco Miltkau, according to Jan Schiffer, came in front of Pieterse to the shot and hit the backhand to 0: 2 (29th). Waves then failed once from a short distance to Pieterse, but shortly afterwards got a second chance, which he used for the supposed 0: 3 (30th). However, like yesterday, Peter Wright influenced his colleague’s decision and the hit was not recognized.
The game in the last quarter was very one-sided. The Germans fitted the ball around the South African circle, put pressure on it, but no longer with the high concentration of the third quarter. In the 55th minute the next corner for the Honamas, which Lukas Windfeder placed very placed next to the right inner post to 1: 7.
Jonas Gomoll had the next big chance after a nice left attack, but put his backhand shot to the left of the goal (57 ‘). Oruz could not control a cross ball five meters in front of the goal (58.). So it remained with the clear 7: 1 success.

0: 1 Niklas Wellen (18.)
0: 2 Marco Miltkau (29.)
0: 3 Marco Miltkau (32.)
1: 3 Richard Pautz (32.)
1: 4 Marco Miltkau (33.)
1: 5 Lukas Windfeder (KE, 35.)
1: 6 Jonas Gomoll (44.)

1: 7 Lukas Windfeder (KE, 55.)
RSA none / GER 3 (2 goals)
Peter Wright / Erik Etsebeth (both RSA)


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