Jana Bayer, Head of Education and Coaching, has been supporting the Department of Education at the DHB since May of this year.
Since her childhood, she has been closely associated with hockey and played from the start at TSV Schott Mainz.
In addition to spending time on the hockey field, she enjoys spending her free time in the mountains in winter.
At the DHB, she is responsible for the revision of the training guidelines and curricula as well as for the organization and implementation of training and further education events.
In addition, she assumes the chairmanship of the DHB teaching committee. This has been repositioned at the beginning of August at its last meeting.
In the future, the teaching commission will be composed of the following persons:
  1. Chairperson Teaching Commission Jana Bayer (Referent Education and Coaching)
  2. Ulrich Forstner (National Trainer Science)
  3. Andrea Schneiderbeck (Assistant Trainer Training)
  4. Director Sports Development (Maren Boyé), komm
  5. Representation of the Lehrwarte (Rüdiger Hänel)
  6. Assistant Coach (Aditya Pasarakonda)
  7. Dr. Anne Krause (university representative)
Germany Hockey also thanked two longtime teaching commission members Wolfgang Hillmann and Heino Knuf for the active support and cooperation.
In particular, Wolfgang Hillman, who was a founding member of the Teaching Commission, has served for many years as a Scientific Advisor and Coordinator of Trainer C training.
He built a bridge between theory and practice in hockey and created numerous practice-oriented publications.
In addition, he has made a lasting impact on the didactics and methodology of hockey coaching.
His pioneering work on video analysis for national teams and later for the Bundesliga is worth mentioning in this context.
In the new formation, the teaching committee will now deal with the following topics and ideas and work on them in depth
  • Intensify the cooperation with the regional associations and their teaching staff
  • Revision of training guidelines and training structure
  • Revision and update of the contents of all training courses
  • Develop a proposal on licensing of selected coaching groups
  • Introduction Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct for Trainers and Staff
  • Optimization of the quality management of the education and training measures
  • Creating a “digital home” for all trainers in the DHB for information about coaching and internal exchange.


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