Pic: FIH
The responsible Masters Organization WMH (World Masters Hockey) has published the invitation to the 2021 European Masters Championships.
Interested clubs can apply to host a Masters European Championship until March 20, 2020.
In order to offer as many clubs as possible the opportunity to apply as hosts, the WMH has revised its modalities for the first phase and divided the age groups and genders into several different events. If the requirements are met, each club has the opportunity to apply for one or more tournaments.
The division of the age groups into 5 tournaments was determined as follows:
  • Tournament 1: M35 & 40, W35
  • Tournament 2: W40 & 45, M45
  • Tournament 3: M50 & 55, W50
  • Tournament 4: W55 & 60, M60
  • Tournament 5: M65 & 70 & 75 & 80 and Spirit Teams, W65 and Spirit teams
Interested clubs can register for further information regarding the basic requirements and modalities and to apply to the spokesman for GMH (German Masters Hockey) Stephan Boness at:
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