At a press conference at the Hotel Lindner in the Hamburg district of Heimfeld, national coach Markus Weise and national team players Mats Grambusch, Martin Häner and Tobias Hauke ​​came together to answer questions about the upcoming Olympic qualification in Mönchengladbach (2nd and 3rd November against Austria).
The team is currently preparing for the important two games in what is the final chance for teams to qualify for the 2020 Olympics.
Coach Weise has brought in Cologne’s André Henning and the Mannheim’s Matthias Becher as assistant coach for the qualification process to the team.
The 56-year-old election hamburger, who ended his job in August after more than three and a half years in setting up the DFB football academy in Frankfurt, also explained why he will not be available for the men’s national team after qualifying:
“There were good reasons why I did not want to do the job after 30 years as a national coach and took the chance to do another job. These reasons still apply. That’s why I do not want to go back to my old role. A consultative function for both teams, if this is desired by the national team coach, is something i can still imagine,” said the successful coach, who won Olympic gold with the ladies in 2004 and the men in 2008 and 2012 and the 1.

Call of the Duty

Experienced player Martin Häner too said that the team sees it as their duty: “Of course it would be great if it were so easy especially because we have a coach who has won many playoffs in his career. That’s why I see it as our duty to assume responsibility as a team and to take this important step towards Tokyo.”
Agreeing to Martin’s statements, Captain Mats Grambush said;
 “To fulfill the dream of attending the Olympics in Tokyo is all in our hands and we have to be aware of that.”
On 22 and 23 October, the HONAMAS in Mönchengladbach play two practice games against Pakistan during a working training course, which must compete in their Olympic qualifier in the Netherlands before the team finally arrives in Mönchengladbach on 30 October.
The schedule looks like this for the qualifier weekend:
Saturday, 2. November – »Tickets for Saturday
4.00 pm Ladies: Germany – Italy
6.30 pm Gentlemen: Germany – Austria
Sunday, 3. November – »Tickets for Sunday
2.00 pm Ladies: Germany – Italy
4.30 pm Gentlemen: Germany – Austria
»Combi tickets for both match days
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