🇩🇪 Germany Hockey : Germany Men and Women's FIH Pro League home games kick-off in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2022
Photo Credit : Sportstadt Düsseldorf / Florianreiber / DHB Hockey

The FIH Pro League, which has been a worldwide Champions League of the nine best women and men national teams for two seasons, is coming to North Rhine-Westphalia in its third season – at two locations, in Düsseldorf and Mönchengladbach! Advance sales for these games will start at the end of November. The other German home venues of the FIH Pro League 2022 will also be presented shortly.

The start is made by the “best hockey league in the world” at the German Sports Club in Düsseldorf (DSD). In the sports city of Düsseldorf, the Danas, the women’s national team of the DHB, receive the Spanish women for the first home games on 22/23. March in Germany.
On the following weekend, the first double event of the year with Danas and Honamas is scheduled in Mönchengladbacher Hockeypark, when the German men also have Spain as guests and the women meet the USA twice at the same time.
On the weekend of April 30th / May 1st, the Sparkassenpark in Mönchengladbach will once again be the venue if a German-English comparison is made in both sexes.

Bernhard Schwank, State Chancellery of North Rhine-Westphalia, Head of the Sports Department : “Hockey is one of the top sports in Sportland.NRW, with two federal bases, a large presence in the two national leagues and strong young talent. We are therefore very much looking forward to the FIH Pro League 2022, which then also offers the best conditions for preparation for the World Championships in the same year and – looking a little further – to the 2023 European Double Home Championships in Mönchengladbach. ”

DHB sports director Dr. Christoph Menke-Salz is looking forward to the German home games in North Rhine-Westphalia: “Due to the pandemic, we haven’t seen any games at the HockeyPark in Mönchengladbach for two years now. For us, however, it is very important that the hockey fans visit this ‘living room of German hockey’ again on a regular basis, after all, we will host the double European championship for women and men there in 2023 – also with great support from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. And personally, as a native of Gladbach, I am of course particularly looking forward to these first home games during my time as sports director at DHB. ”

National player Elisa Gräve , who has often played in the FIH Pro League for the DHB team, is also looking forward to the home games in 2022: “It’s something special for us hockey athletes, we usually have these events with a cool stadium atmosphere and elaborate television production only at European, World Championships or Olympic Games. It’s great that two games are now taking place in my hometown, because then of course family and friends can also be there live. The Pro League, with its regular world-class games, is of inestimable value for us to play regularly at the level that we then need at World Cups or European Championships. ”

Swen Poloczek, Head of Department at DSD Düsseldorf , on whose facility the stadium will be built for the first two games, added: “We are very happy to be hosting this event with the women’s Spain games in our DSD jewelery box with the proven support of the sports city of Düsseldorf to be able to. That will be the highlight of the coming year for us! “


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