As the German team is currently preparing for the important two games in what is the final chance for teams to qualify for the 2020 Olympics, Tobias Hauke addressed the press at the Hotel Lindner in the Hamburg district of Heimfeld along with national coach Markus Weise and national team players Mats Grambusch and Martin Häner.
Tobias Hauke who was not in the team since the World Cup quarterfinals in India in 2018 because of cartilage damage, now wants to make his comeback.
The double Olympic champion knows his opponent Austria better than anyone else in the team, as he plays in the HTHC with six Austrian national team players in the team.
He also says that you have to go with full concentration in these qualifying games:
“Austria have nothing to lose. They play in Germany against Germany. They will play out of shirt and pants to fulfill their lifelong dream of starting at the Olympics.”
On 22 and 23 October, the HONAMAS in Mönchengladbach play two practice games against Pakistan during a working training course, which must compete in their Olympic qualifier in the Netherlands before the team finally arrives in Mönchengladbach on 30 October.
The schedule looks like this for the qualifier weekend:
  • Saturday, 2. November – »Tickets for Saturday
    4.00 pm Ladies: Germany – Italy
    6.30 pm Gentlemen: Germany – Austria
  • Sunday, 3. November – »Tickets for Sunday
    2.00 pm Ladies: Germany – Italy
    4.30 pm Gentlemen: Germany – Austria
»Combi tickets for both match days
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