FIH Pro League Hockey Fantasy Tips

In today’s Germany vs Netherlands Women’s  game of FIH Hockey Series Finals 2019, the two hockey teams going to face each other are Germany and Netherlands.

For all Dream11 enthusiasts out there, it’s time to create your playing XI squad comprised of players from both the teams so that you can maximise your chances of earning money online, irrespective of what team you are rooting for.

Here is everything you need to know about Germany vs Netherlands Dream11 predictions, fantasy hockey tips and more.


Germany have played Netherlands 14 times since 2013

  • Germany Won 1
  • Netherlands Won 12
  • Draw 1

Who is more likely to win?

98% fans predict Netherlands will win.

Stats and Picks for Germany
  • World Rank : 5
  • Last Tournament Played: Women’s Hockey World Cup 2018
  • Head Coach: Xavier Reckinger
  • Goalkeepers : Nathalie Kubalski (10 caps) & Julia Sonntag (35)
  • Most Capped Player : Janne Muller-Weiland (282 caps)
  • Youngest Player : Sonja Zimmermann (2 caps)
  • Oldest Player : Janne Muller-Weiland (282 caps)
  • Captain: Janne Muller-Weiland (282 caps)
  • Player ruled due to injury : None
  • Top players from this team : Janne Muller-Weiland – 282 caps, Franzisca Hauke – 154 caps, Anne Schroder – 116 caps
  • Full Playing Squad here: Nike Lorenz, Selin Oruz, Anne Schroder, Nina Notman, Charlotte Stapenhorst, Janne Müller-Wieland, Nathalie Kubalski, Maike Schaunig, Franzisca Hauke, Pia Maertens, Hannah Granitzki, Kira Horn, Hannah Gablac, Elisa Grave, Sonja Zimmerman, Julia Sanntog, Pieper Cecile
Stats and Picks for Netherlands
  • World Rank : 1
  • Last Tournament Played: Women’s Hockey Champions Trophy 2018
  • Head Coach: Alyson Annan
  • Goalkeepers :  Josine Koning (48 caps) & Alexandra Heerbaart (1 cap)
  • Most Capped Player : Caia Van Maasakker (172 caps)
  • Youngest Player : Yibbi Jansen (12 caps) & Lisa Post (4 caps)
  • Oldest Player : Caia Van Maasakker (172 caps)
  • Captain : Caia Van Maasakker (172 caps)
  • Player ruled due to injury : None
  • Top players from this team : Caia Van Maasakker – 172 caps, Xan de Waard – 128 caps
  • Full Playing Squad here: Sanne Koolen, Malou Pheninckx, Laurien Leurink, Xan De Waard, Caia Van Maasakker, Frederique Malta, Ireen van der Assem, Marijn Veen, Laura Nunnink, Lauren Stam, Josine Koning, Maria Verschoor, Ginella Zerbo, Pien Sanders, Yibbi Jansen, Freeke Moes Alexandra Heerbaart, Lisa Post


Sign up to win! 

So if you have made up your mind, go to Dream11 app or website and select upcoming Germany vs Netherlands match from the list.

Click on the ‘Create Team’ button at the bottom left corner. Select one Goalkeeper, 3-5 Defenders, 3-5 Midfielders and 1-3 Forwards. Each player carries certain points. You can select a maximum of 7 players from a team.

View step-by-step sign up information here. 

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  • That’s it now its time to make your dream11 team for the next match.

How to follow the game :

The best way to follow the tournament is through our Social Media platforms.

Twitter (@thedragflick) will post updates after the match and use the hashtag #FIHProLeague2019, while Facebook will also have stories, photos, reports and more.

Match reports will also appear on the home page of the The Dragflick website.

Please check Twitter and Facebook for those links once they are live and please send any messages of support through Facebook.

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