Hockey children’s book author Sabine Hahn launches a fundraising campaign to enable children all over the world to enjoy hockey.

Sabine will host a long-term fundraising campaign in clubs and schools across Germany, Switzerland, France and will collect hockey sticks to give children around the world the joy and passion of hockey.

This project is in association with the FIH Hockey Foundation and under their official Hockey 4 Life project.

Through this long-term campaign, collected hockey equipment will be donated to Gabriel Tuscher’s La Route du Stick project for Africa, as well as other worldwide funding projects.

There is an incentive for every child donating their hockey stick. They will receive two special campaign stickers: one for the donated old stick and the second for their own current stick. This small step will help build a bridge and connection between all donor children, their stick and their new owners.

The campaign was started on 25 August in Hanau on the 100th anniversary of the 1 Hanauer THC in Germany.

Details of the participating clubs and dates are visible on Hahn’s author page


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