🇦🇺 Hockey Australia : Hockey Australia acknowledges officials for cancelled events
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Hockey Australia expresses its appreciation for the ongoing support of officials who have committed their time in 2021 but missed out on the opportunity to take part in national hockey events.

The COVID pandemic has presented many challenges to the hockey community. These challenges also include the officials, with this year’s Australian Under 13 Carnival, Australian Country Championships, Festival of Indoor and Mega Masters events all cancelled. As such, hundreds of officials have missed out on roles as on and off-field officials.

The lack of national events has not only had an impact on athlete development but will also be felt by the officials fraternity, according to Hockey Operations Manager Liam Dixon. National hockey events are an integral part of the pathway for officials.

After the Australian Under 15 and Under 18 Championships were both successfully held early in the year, Hockey Australia’s Officiating Committee Chair Lyn Hill said the Committee continued to plan the appointment of all officials for the remaining national tournaments.

Panel members were advised of their appointments for the Under 21 and Country Championships and were ready to go before lockdowns and travel restrictions across Australia struck again.

Australian Country Chair Michael Nelson said the uncertainty surrounding the 2021 Australian Country Championships and then their cancellation (again) has been tough on the regional hockey community.

“These championships and the ensuing country tours are not possible without the support of officials,” said Nelson.

“The network of officials are still optimistic looking towards 2022 and are keen to continue to support regional hockey however they can.

“We look forward to resuming our competition and representative program as state borders begin to open up next year.”

The panels for the Mega Masters and Under 13 Carnival had also been finalised and communications were ready to be sent for acceptance when the decision was made to cancel the events.

“The cancellation of the Mega Masters was disappointing for all participants including our valued umpires and officials,” said Sue Briggs, Hockey Australia’s Masters Committee Chair.

“The positive take on this is that we will be stronger, more determined and ready for the challenge in 2022.”

Despite the host of national events not taking place, Hill said it was important to acknowledge the officials who has been selected to fulfil respective duties.

“Hockey Australia and the Officiating Committee wish to recognise the selected officials by naming the provisional panels for the Under 13 Carnival and Mega Masters,” said Hill.

“On behalf of Josh Burt, myself and the Men and Women’s Officiating Committee, we hope this provides a level of support and acknowledgement of all the work our officials contribute to the success of national championships in all age groups in Australia.”

Hockey Australia looks forward to holding more national events in 2022 and some long-awaited continuity and opportunity for officials across all age groups.

Australian Under 13 Carnival – Officials Panel
Technical Director – Greer Wells (TAS)
Assistant Technical Directors – Brendan Moore (TAS), Angela May (TAS)
Umpire Managers – Andrew Hickman (TAS), Angela Edwards (WA)
Assistant Umpire Managers – Lorraine Smith (TAS), Flynn Carr (NT), Keeley O’Reilly (VIC), Jayden Pearson (TAS)
Umpires – Niamh Blake (ACT), Renee Cooper (ACT), Anthony Lewsam (NSW), Hayley Lennon (NSW), Jackson Freeman (QLD), Caitlyn Smith (QLD), Sam Custance (SA), Isaac Jesse (SA), Chloe Anderson (SA), Harry Winch (TAS), Vince Harman (TAS), Sam Pritchard (TAS), Molly McCausland (TAS), Kaycee Pointing (TAS), Izzy McRobbie (TAS), Amy Dawber (TAS), Lachlan Robinson (VIC), James Horne (VIC), Annabel Kennedy (VIC), Samantha Denehy-Johnson (WA), Jamie Dale (WA), Alexis Elliott (WA)

Australian Mega Masters – Officials Panel
Technical Directors – Graham Napier (WA), Sonya Fisher (QLD), Nicola Odgen (WA)
Assistant Technical Directors – Sarah Stroeher (VIC), Lyn Delaney (VIC)
Pitch Managers – Darren Fowlers (NSW), Matthew Apps (NSW), Stuart McCleary (VIC), Robyn Pascoe (VIC), Caroline Schomberg (QLD), Peta Swanton (VIC)
Umpire Managers – Phil Dubbin (VIC), Bernie Gotting (QLD)
Umpire Coaches – Tony Milligan (NSW), Sam Cutrale (VIC), Carl Mueller (WA), Wayne Snell (NSW), Robyn Bannerman (VIC), Marilyn Brown (NSW), Tracey Bradley (NT)
Technical Assessor – Christine Henderson (VIC)
Umpires – Angela May (TAS), Shannon Headland (VIC), Anne Jones (QLD), Tracey Hollis (QLD), Sherie Patterson (VIC), Rachel Reynolds (QLD), Brydie Wellham (WA), Samantha Giorlando (VIC), Chloe Reid (QLD), Lisa Hollis (QLD), Christina-nipperess-sims (QLD), Natasha Cotten (QLD), Janine Walker (VIC), Bernadette Robson (NSW), Vanessa Ponza (VIC), Katrina Noonan (QLD), Julie Kura (QLD), Sulette Le Roux (WA), Tracey Fischer (NSW), Jess Currie (QLD), Matt Butters (ACT), Sean Willis (ACT), Zac Payne (NSW), Blake Kroning (QLD), Caleb Connor (SA), Ben Sutherland (SA), Richard Watkiss (VIC), Keir McKay (VIC), Edward Walsh (WA), Simon Thresher (NSW), Brent Kinnane (QLD), Brian Harrison (QLD), Bruce Hockey (QLD), Mark Eleison (QLD), Rod Hurst (QLD), Scott Orth (QLD), Richard Arthur  (QLD), Mike Anderson (SA), Allan Sadler (TAS), Ricky Barrett (TAS), Caleb Connor (VIC), Mark Frost (VIC), Neil Hall (VIC), Peter Whight (VIC), Rob Gardiner (VIC), Neal Williams (VIC), Peter Burak (VIC), David Ferguson (WA), James Kotzas (WA), Maddy Smith-Gander (WA), Riley Symington (WA), Steve Farrar (WA), Joshua Gough (WA)


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