Dutchman & “Goalkeepers Guru” Martijn Drijver has arrived at the Sports Authority of India in Bengaluru, India and will begin training the Indian Womens Team Goalkeepers starting today.

Only last week, Dennis Van De Pol, his partner at the Drijver Goalie Academy was in the camp to train the Indian Men’s Team Goalkeepers.

National women’s senior team goalkeepers Savita and Rajani Etimarpu along side 7 young young Goalkeepers –  Swati, Sonal Minz, Bichu Devi Kharibam, Chanchal, Khushboo, Rashanpreet Kaur and F. Ramengmawii will be a beneficiary of his training.

The training will run for a period of seven days.

Martijn Drijver is a much sought-after personality in the hockey fraternity with more than 25 years of experience in Goalkeeping Coaching and there is no doubt that the Indian Womens Team Goalkeepers have a lot to benefit from his coaching.

Several national teams have signed Martijn Drijver on as goalkeeping coach in recent years, including the Men’s national teams of Netherlands, Spain, Ireland as well as the South African women’s team and Malaysia.

Drijver has played a part in three Olympic Games, five European Championships, three World Cups and 10 Champions Trophies internationally.

It is commendable that Hockey India (HI) are leaving no stone unturned to make sure India – both mens and womens teams qualify for the next year’s Olympic Games.

India – both the mens and the womens team have qualified for the next and final round of the qualifiers by finishing first at the FIH Series Finals tournament.

They will compete in a final playoff match in October to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.


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