Photo Credits : Hockey Images

Hockey India on Wednesday named the 33-member core probable list for the upcoming Indian Junior Women’s Hockey National Camp to begin at Sports Authority of India campus in Lucknow on 24 January 2019. The players will report to Coach Baljeet Singh for the 24-day camp that concludes on 17 February 2019.

The Indian Junior Women’s team are scheduled to play a four-match Test Series against the French Women’s team at the Padma Shri Mohammad Shahid Synthetic Hockey Stadium, Lucknow starting 08 February 2019, and Coach Baljeet Singh will be overseeing the camp in the capital city of Uttar Pradesh to get acclimatized with the conditions.

Goalkeepers Bichu Devi Kharibam, Khushboo and Simran Chopra have been called up for the camp while defenders Priyanka, Salima Tete, Gagandeep Kaur, Antim, Ishika Choudhary, Priya, Philicia Toppo, Gurleen Grewal, K L Marina and Reema Baxla have been named in Core Group of players.

The midfield of the Core Group consists of Baljeet Kaur, Chetna, Reet, Mariana Kujur, Preeti, Prabhleen Kaur, Jiwan Kishori Toppo, Rozy Bharti, Ajmina Kujur and Upasana Singh, who have all been asked to report. While Lalrindinki, Mumtaz Khan, Sharmila Devi, Deepika Soreng, K M Arya, Deepika, Savita, Pinki Ekka, Beena Pandey and Sangita Kumari are the Forwards who have been called to the camp.

“The upcoming camp gives us a perfect opportunity to nurture this young talent and prepare them for a tough Series against an experienced French Women’s team in Lucknow. We will be focusing on developing these players, emphasizing on their fitness, speed, stamina, skills, and preparing them tactically as well as mentally, for bigger challenges that the team is going to face in the future including the 8th Women’s Junior Asia Cup,” said Coach Baljeet Singh.

Defender Salima Tete, who is currently with the Indian Senior Women’s team camp in Bengaluru and will be traveling to Spain for the matches against the hosts and Ireland, will report to the Indian Junior Women’s team camp in Lucknow upon her return from the Spain Tour. While, Forward Sangita Kumari will also be reporting for the camp in Lucknow once she has completed her rehabilitation at SAI Centre, Bengaluru.

Core Probables: 

1. Bichu Devi Kharibam

2. Khushboo

3. Simran Chopra

4. Priyanka

5. Salima Tete

6. Gagandeep Kaur

7. Antim

8. Ishika Choudhary

9. Priya

10. Philicia Toppo

11. Gurleen Grewal

12. KL Marina

13. Reema Baxla

14. Baljeet Kaur

15. Chetna

16. Reet

17. Mariana Kujur

18. Preeti

19. Prabhleen Kaur

20. Jiwan Kishori Toppo

21. Rozy Bharti

22. Ajmina Kujur

23. Upasana Singh

24. Lalrindinki

25. Mumtaz Khan

26. Sharmila Devi

27. Deepika Soreng

28. K M Arya

29. Deepika

30. Savita

31. Pinki Ekka

32. Beena Pandey

33. Sangita Kumari (Currently under rehabilitation at SAI Centre, Bengaluru)