Hockey One – Australia’s brand new premier field hockey domestic competition, contested by seven states and territories has begun today.
This brand new league format promises to deliver fans some tough competition and thrilling entertainment. Hockey One has replaced the former Australian Hockey League (AHL).
The aim of the league is to reinvigorate the sport and gain a new generation of fans.
Let’s check out all fan reactions from “Day One” of the “Hockey One” league.

LaTrobe Sports Coaching & Development Lecturer Alex Roberts tweeted that he loved the double headers, but was not happy with the TV Coverage….🤪🤪

Sports producer, reporter, broadcaster Bretty McKay said this league was historic..😎😎

Some of them lauded Kellogg’s move to sponsor the tournament….🤑🤑

Some fans did not like the uniforms though….🧐🧐

Some loyalist were extremely happy with the launch…😇😇

Including Clint Flicker ….🤠🤠

Since it was “Day One” most of the buzz was generated by federations, media houses and journos….🤓🤓

So, that’s that! It’s just the start and we still have a lot of dames scheduled ahead, with the competition to finish on 16 November.
Stay tuned for more reactions and updates!


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